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Michael Cook is the moderator for his opinion blog, Cook's Outlook. He can be reached by e-mail at Michael@CooksOutlook.com. Follow him on Twitter: @mcookAR or on Facebook: facebook.com/CooksOutlook.

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Cook: Tom Cotton’s ‘Pants On Fire’ And Spreading Falsehoods

It never ceases to amaze me when candidates blurt out blatant falsehoods and then expect to get away with it.  Continue Reading »

Cook: Arkansas Democrats Could Purposefully Elect Weak GOP Nominees

“Every battle is won before it is ever fought.” – Sun Tzu, paraphrased. The primaries are less than a month  Continue Reading »

Cook: Hypocrisy Over Gambling In The State Legislature (UPDATED)

In 2013, State Senator Missy Irvin voted to allow Arkansans to legally gamble on the Internet. State Senator Jimmy Hickey  Continue Reading »

Cook: Senate, Congressional Candidates File Fundraising Reports

The candidates for federal office – including Cong. Tom Cotton and Sen. Mark Pryor – appear to have no shortage of funds. Talk Business blogger Michael Cook dives into the latest quarterly fundraising reports.

Cook: Latest Fundraising Reports for Gubernatorial, Down-Ballot Candidates

Candidates for statewide office report their fundraising totals for the month of March. Talk Business blogger Michael Cook rounds up the filings.

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