Jonesboro’s June metro jobless rate inched slightly higher from May, but was a full one-and-a-half points lower than the previous year.

In June 2014, Jonesboro’s metro jobless rate stood at 6%, just two-tenths of a percent higher than May when unemployment in the metro area stood at 5.8%.

June marked the fourth consecutive month the Jonesboro metro jobless rate has been at or below 7%, and the third consecutive month at or below 6%.

One year ago, the Jonesboro metro jobless rate was 7.5%.

The size of the Jonesboro regional workforce during June was estimated at 59,757, slightly above the 59,365 in May, but below the 59,844 in June 2013, according to figures released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The June numbers are subject to revision.

Jonesboro metro employment of 56,163 was slightly above the 55,921 in May, and better than the 55,329 during June 2013. The average annual monthly employment was 55,105 in 2013, 54,873 during 2012, 54,537 during 2011 and 53,345 during 2010.

Six of the eight metro areas in or connected to Arkansas had jobless rate increases in June compared to May, but all had jobless rate declines compared to June 2013.

Northwest Arkansas and central Arkansas jobless rates in June were unchanged compared to May.

During June, the lowest metro jobless rate in the state was 4.9% in Northwest Arkansas and the highest rate was 8.7% in the Memphis-West Memphis area.

Unemployment rates were lower in June than a year earlier in 359 of the 372 metropolitan areas, higher in 10 areas, and unchanged in three areas, noted the broad BLS report.

The U.S. unemployment rate in June was 6.1%, down from 7.5% from a year earlier.

Arkansas’ jobless rate was 6.2% in June, down from 6.4% in May and down from 7.6% in June 2013.

The Missouri jobless rate during June was 6.5%, down from 6.6% in May and below the 6.8% in June 2013.

June 2014: 4.9%
May 2014: 4.9%
June 2013: 6.1%

Fort Smith
June 2014: 6.4%
May 2014: 6.3%
June 2013: 8.2%

Hot Springs
June 2014: 6.5%
May 2014: 6.4%
June 2013: 7.9%

June 2014: 6%
May 2014: 5.8%
June 2013: 7.5%

Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway
June 2014: 5.8%
May 2014: 5.8%
June 2013: 7%

Memphis-West Memphis
June 2014: 8.7%
May 2014: 7.5%
June 2013: 10%

Pine Bluff
June 2014: 8.6%
May 2014: 8.4%
June 2013: 10.5%

June 2014: 6.3%
May 2014: 6.1%
June 2013: 7.5%

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The City Wire Staff

The City Wire Staff

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