The Arkansas Times offers an interview with Second District Democratic Congressional candidate Herb Rule.

Rule will challenge incumbent Republican Cong. Tim Griffin this November.

For those who don’t know, Rule was a state representative in the late 1960′s who exited the political arena for a decade to practice law.

Rule explains his reasons for re-entering politics after more than 30 years:

Why is he running for Congress at the age of 74, after 30 years away from elective office? He thought he could improve the dialogue, reduce the fear, and promote a more civil discourse, he says.

“One of the great problems we have is how to finance Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. So many people in the Second District rely on them. But they’re under constant attack, particularly from the Republican side of Congress. We’ve got to make them fiscally sound, and stop using them as a club over people’s heads.”

The controversy over a new veterans center on Main Street was also a “precipitating factor” in Rule’s decision to run.

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