Audio Tapes Surface in Crittenden County Voter Fraud Case

Memphis TV station ABC24 has the audio posted on their website on their report which is apparently one of the key pieces of evidence in a case being made regarding absentee voter fraud in the special election of State Rep. Hudson Hallum (although I am told the case could be much bigger than just Hallum.)

The recording is a voice mail message left by Leroy Grant to Hallum’s Democratic runoff opponent Kim Felker.  In it he says:

Hey Kim. How ya doing? My name is Leroy Grant. Uh, I was trying to get in touch with you. Are you running for state representative? If you are, I got, uh, something that you probably need, I’ve got some absentee ballots over here in West Memphis Ward 4 and Ward 5. Would you please give me a call?

Felker felt uncomfortable and turned him down. Finance reports show that Hallum hired him and paid him over $3,000.  He won the absentee vote by a wide margin.

Connecting the dots ain’t hard here, but the real question is how big will this thing get before it is over. (Psst – This is not the first election this has ever happened in.) Stay tuned.