Around 300 Republicans from around the state met in Little Rock this morning at the Peabody Hotel.  The crowd heard from Congressmen Steve Womack and Tim Griffin as well as many state Republican elected officials.

Griffin discussed the current debate taking place in Washington over raising the debt limit and reducing the deficit.  He said that the "Cut, Cap, and Balance" measure passed by the House was an important step in balancing our budget and bringing our debt under control.  He pointed out that while Republicans have advanced a plan, they are still waiting for President Obama to come up with one. 

The measure was passed by the House, but tabled in the Senate on Friday. The Arkansas delegation split on party lines with the Republican supporting it and Democrats opposing it.

Womack discussed how the conversation had changed in Washington since Republicans have taken the majority in the House.  He said that instead of discussing if they should cut, they are instead debating what to cut and how much.

Darr continued on Womack’s theme saying, "In Arkansas, we are not just changing the conversation, we are the conversation."  He discussed the efforts being made to take the majority in both chambers in the state legislature.  He also discussed the efforts made to stop the implementation of "ObamaCare" in Arkansas.

The crowd also heard from Secretary of State Mark Martin as well as several state legislators including House Minority Leader John Burris and State Sen. Jason Rapert.  Saline County Sherriff Bruce Pennington, who recently switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, was also introduced.

On Friday evening, the Republican Party held a "Cruisin’ to the Majority" fundraiser where they heard from Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

The Democratic Party is also holding their committee meeting and their annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner today in Little Rock. Michael Cook wraps up their events on his blog.

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