Political columnist John Brummett with our content partner, the Arkansas News Bureau, looks at the Hamlet-esque quality of former Gov. Mike Huckabee’s potential 2012 Presidential run.

Brummett notes that Huckabee’s dilemma is to remain with his lucrative media empire or give it up to run for the nation’s highest office.

Writes Brummett:

I remain on record predicting that Huckabee, in the end, will opt not to run for president.

That’s because his ultimate calculation will be that his over-arching career goal, that of ongoing media/show biz personality, can best be pursued by sticking with that career as it exists, even without renewal of the political brand, rather than by risking having to take off four whole years, which would be all the American people could possibly survive, to function as best he might as president of the United States.

He does not want to be president. He did not even want to be governor. He wants to gab; he wants to get paid by the word; he wants his own microphone and camera; he wants an adapted Falwell-Robertson kind of appeal; he wants to put out pamphlets and call them books; he wants stuff.

Might I be wrong in my prediction? Might he run?

His challenge will be finding someone in this Republican field to whom he can be certain of running second.

Who does Brummett see as a likely bet to give Huckabee a run for the money in the current lackluster GOP Presidential field if the former Arkansas Governor chooses to get in? Click here to find out.


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